TCLanguages Online

Spanish courses online, e learning spanish


Now you can have Spanish classes at home and in a simple way. TCLanguages offers Spanish courses

online according to your needs.

 These courses have the following AIMS:

 ·       To maintain your Spanish level in a dynamic, direct way with a native teacher, so that you

          practise it through conversation, commenting on the newspapers, preparing any topic that you

          may have to carry out or anything at work that you need to do.

·        To reinforce your Spanish language, to acquire fluency and to improve your speaking and writing


·        To progress in the grammar (from an A2 level) in a communicative, oral and written context.

·        To improve your Spanish language by talking about your favourite books, films and Spanish T.V


·        To prepare your DELE Certificate to take the exam in your country.


The MAIN ASPECTS of our courses online are:

 ·       Native teacher.

·        Flexibility of hours.

·        Individual tuition.

·        Number of hours you wish.

·        Without displacement.

·        Follow-up to your learning (if you have studied with us).

·        Compatible with courses in the school throughout the year.

·        Adapted to your purposes.

·        Easy System: computer, webcam and microphone.


1 class with 60 minutes: 20 €

The price includes:

-         Free taster class to have the first contact with the teacher and to solve any technical problem

          that may appear.

-         Certificate with a course of minimum 10 hours (optional).

-         Discounts in courses in TCLanguages all year round.



 -         You need an account on skype or msn.

-         Send us an e-mail and inform us about your needs, the number of lessons

          you wish to have and your availability of days and hours.

-         Once you do this, the teacher will contact you to exchange skype/msn contacts and determine

          contents and time for the first class to check that everything works, technically speaking.